The Superga brand was born in 1911 in Torino, and quickly became famous for its rubber-soled shoes that galvanized sporting and fitness as well as the casual fashion scene. Thanks to its versatile wearability and timeless image, Superga sneakers are affectionately known as “the people’s shoes of Italy”. When Superga sought BARDS’ help to create a new iconic video promoting the Panatta shoe, named for the Italian tennis champion Adriano Panatta, our team immediately began exploring the fashion film universe to identify the ideal look and feel.


After an intense ideation and research period, taking inspiration from the likes of filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, Adrien Sauvage, BARDS produced a video as iconic as the brand itself. The short film, shot with the picturesque Lake Como in the background, pays homage to classic sportsmanship and finesse. It was unveiled at the 2016 Pitti Immagine fashion event and is now viewable in stores and housed on the website’s home page.