Enoro Utilytics


Enoro is a leading Finnish, Gartner-rated energy company, specialised in B2B solutions for the European utility market. Enoro wanted to launch a new product called Utilytics, an SAAS for data analysis aimed at utility companies. The goal was to differentiate the new product from its parent company, in order to look innovative and fresh as a brand. We flew to Helsinki to help them out, and crafted the product as a new in-house startup. After developing the visual identity, product video and website, we designed a series of clear editorial and social media strategies to further develop the ‘startup’ feel that Enoro was looking for.


Utilytics launched at European Utility Week in November 2015, to a resounding endorsement from the industry. In less than 1 month, Utilytics became a standard tool in the energy field, helping hundreds of clients receive valuable customer insights.